My dictionary of peculiar words

Every now and then I run into an English word that is new to me, or I don’t understand the precise meaning of, or exactly how to spell or pronounce it. Rather than keep those jewels to myself, I figured I'd make my own dictionary of peculiar words and share them with the world. You might think that I could put them in alphabetical order but it took me fifty-three years to locate these and I just store them as I find them. Today, there is only one word in it so it shouldn’t be too much trouble. Check back in a year or so and see if it doesn’t grow into double digits. Maybe then, I consider sorting the list.

2004.12.01—Kris Kringle, of all people, sent this one to me in an email requesting that I watch my behaviour. I had to look it up.

a person who completely dominates and controls another, usually for selfish or sinister motives

2004.11.23—Russell wrote this one (in context I might add) on my site. It was once the word of the day on (June 22, 2004)

a tale of sorrow or disappointment, an angry tirade

2004.10.23—Of all places I found this in a quote by online poker that they placed as a comment on my site.

the art, ability, or practice of divination - an omen

2004.10.22—This one came to me in an email this morning. Again, I wasn’t sure it was real and so looked it up.

a dull, tedious, or protracted passage in literature

2004.10.22—In another email later in the day. It is real.

the merger of diverse beliefs

2004.04.19—I actually found this word in use. I thought it must be a mistake so I looked it up. Sure enough, it is real.

plural of forum

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